That's us,
we design stuff.

While working with a client, we put extra effort into getting to know the person behind the brand. We know that the greatest ideas and creations come when you truly understand the purpose and goal of the design.

Each of the projects is different and unique, but also, without a doubt, very much “ours”. We use a modern, fresh aesthetic that contrasts with the visual noise out there.

No project is too insurmountable, we love challenges. We process each idea and always make that much better. We create and design stuff, but we also care that they matter to you.

Our designs reflect the needs of specific clients. We specialise in design, branding and brand strategy, web design, and, last but not least, photography. We make each project feel unique and memorable.

Maciej Stachowicz

Creative Director & Founding Partner

Joanna Sokołowska

Design Director & Founding Partner

Anna Langier

Brand strategies & Spatial Design

Piotr Oleksy

Architekt / Designer

Michał Rzepecki

Head of Digital


Design Freelancers